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Globope en APMS International Conference 2010

El Congreso Internacional APMS – Advances in Production Managemet Systems, celebrado en Cernobbio (Como, Italia), del 11 al 13 de octubre, ha acogido la presentación de la siguiente ponencia basada en el proyecto Globope:

Errasti, A, Poler, R and Santos J. “Engineer to Order mass and extended production systems improvement in the Construction Industry based on GRAI techniques: an empirical study” 2010, 5th IFIP g5.7 Advances in Production Management Systems, Cuomo, Italy.

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Sobre APMS 2010

The recent financial global crisis has accelerated the need for a sustainable economic growth where smarter and greener economy could create prosperity and new job from innovation and from using the natural resources better than before.

In this global context, besides the role of the policy makers, companies cannot postpone anymore the implementation of strategies to deal with an increasing competition in a sustainable, green and environmental-conscious and social-oriented market: strict regulations, consumers demand for greener products, reduction of the carbon footprint, optimization of the usage of natural resources, more societal attention and many other trends are increasing the challenges to compete in a real global market. Companies are therefore called to become more efficient, increase their productivity, use less resources and non-renewable energy in an environment with high energy prices, carbon constraints and greater resource competition.

These challenges require a deep rethinking of the role of Manufacturing with the need for new approaches to Product, Service and Production Management: from a cost-cutting to a multi-disciplinary knowledge-based eco-factory model.

With this goal in mind, APMS2010 calls for new, innovative and original scientific contributions which address practical and industrial-oriented solutions where the above context is addressed.



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